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Reducing energy costs is easy; doing so without compromising guest comfort is not. That’s what we do. For over 4 decades, Verdant has been manufacturing innovative products for the hospitality sector; first as an OEM for brands like LG, Carrier and others, and then under the Verdant brand name. During that period, we’ve amassed over 60 patents, including many innovative software features that have allowed us to set new standards of customer experience and energy reductions. Verdant thermostats can now be found in thousands of hotels nationwide, across virtually all hotel chains and brands. Our energy management service is based on a unique system of advanced smart thermostats and cloud-based software. The system continuously analyzes changing conditions in each room – occupancy, temperature, humidity, weather, etc. and adapts in real time. The end result? Energy costs are reduced by up to 20% without compromising overall comfort. Contact us today to learn more.

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