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Your bottom line matters. We can help. We’re more than innovators. We’re collaborators. At Standard Textile, we believe everyday experiences should be extraordinary experiences. That’s why we’re passionate about creating innovative textiles and services that provide people around the world a healthier, more gratifying, and more inspiring life. Standard Textile is revolutionizing the industry by focusing on your needs and those of your guests. We’ve engineered terry and sheeting that deliver unsurpassed durability, longevity, and value while creating an exceptional experience for those who use them. Maximize your profitability with terry and sheeting that deliver the lowest cost per use. Increase productivity through our OneSTEP™ Program—“One Solution to Enhance Productivity”—which offers your housekeeping and laundry professionals tools to make their job faster and easier. A full team at your disposal in our Laundry Support and Technical Services division can help analyze every aspect of your laundry needs and recommend process improvements that will significantly reduce your total linen operational costs. Patented Centium Core Technology® in our towels and sheets means stronger, longer lasting products that deliver enhanced comfort and superior cost management. Incomparable customer service is our passion. Exceeding your expectations is our goal. Learn more:

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Standard Textile Co., Inc., a leading global manufacturer of healthcare and hospitality products, has restructured …


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Group VP, Hospitality Sales & Marketing
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Standard Textile

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