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ProfitSword provides the most comprehensive business intelligence tools for businesses today. ProfitSword’s award-winning web-based applications are currently in use by more than 100 companies representing more than 3,500 businesses around the world. ProfitSword’s applications provide automated, seamless data integration within the operating environment. The four core applications are ProfitSage, ProfitPlan, ProfitPace, and ProfitAbility provide efficient automated data gathering services from multiple sources with a web-based user interface allowing owners and operators to manage their information across their entire organization and streamline activities such as forecasting, budgeting, daily income journals, revenue pacing, dashboarding, and even ad-hoc reporting/analysis. From executives to front line managers, everyone will have the most recent information at their fingertips on one common platform, improving efficiency and communication. Automated Business Management crossed with a full-featured data visualization and analytics tool create a best in breed solution designed for Hospitality

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Hotel, restaurant and retail management company implements ProfitSage and ProfitPlan to streamline new acquisition abilities …

PROFITSWORD, hospitality’s premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has been selected by …


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