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Knickerbocker is America’s premier manufacturer of bed frames and support systems for wood beds. We are a fourth generation family owned and operated company in business since 1919. Knickerbocker remains the only bed frame supplier committed to manufacturing all of our products in the USA. We believe that manufacturing in the USA is the best way to keep our country strong and provide our customers with reliable products. We refuse to compromise on quality by importing inferior materials or components. As a result, Knickerbocker has earned the distinction of being America’s most trusted source for heavy-duty bed frames and bedding support systems. The angle iron at the core of Knickerbocker’s products is fabricated in Pennsylvania by Jersey Shore Steel Company from recycled railroad steel. Railroad track in need of replacement is reclaimed, heated, sheared, and rolled into angle iron. The massive furnace that begins the recycling process is powered by naturally occurring methane gas. The rail steel’s high carbon content makes the angle iron incredibly strong and the rolling process makes it even stronger. The final product is high quality, eco-friendly and made in America. Knickerbocker has the most technologically advanced bed frames and support systems. Our engineering department is credited with designing and patenting many of today’s most cutting edge bedding supports. There is nothing comparable to a Knickerbocker bedding support system.

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Frank Tamburelli
VP, Hospitality Sales & Business Development

Joe Hunt
Vice President, Sales & marketing
(973) 459-1105

Knickerbocker Bed Frame Company

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