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Smart Touchless Water Saving System, a California based company has just launched their patented smartphone touch technology to help save hotels, restaurants businesses and residents save up to 90% water, gas electric. With rising prices in water, gas and electric, iTouchFaucets can help save businesses such as hotel owners hedge against inflation by saving up to 90% water, gas and electric. This is in line with the touch concept era which makes it exciting for hotel guests as end users. With the introduction of iTouchFaucets, there should be no more turning of faucet handles which wastes water, time and energy for everyone. Smart Touchless Water Saving is an electronic touchpad to activate the waterflow with a touch of a finger. It has four preset temperatures to prevent water wastage in adjusting water temperature. Each button defaults at 3 seconds for hotel guests to fill up their cup, or rinse their hands, so water is not running while doing routine chores such as brushing of teeth and scrubbing of hands. When done, users can simply touch the button to activate the waterflow for another 3 seconds to rinse off their toothbrush thus using 6seconds of water instead of 60 seconds, saving hotel owners 90% water, gas electric. A savings of $10 per room per month can help raise property value by $200,000 for every 100 rooms and $2million for every 1000 rooms. Hotel investors can enjoy huge profits by investing in Smart Touchless Water Saving System.

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Chief Engineer

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