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On average, a small hotel with 25 employees can easily add over $20,000 to the bottom line each year with improved labor management. A larger hotel with 100 employees can easily add $150,000 or more in profit. Multiply those profit improvements by a 10 cap rate, and you can add anywhere from $200k-$800k in value to each hotel. The easiest way to squeeze more profit out of your budget is by controlling labor costs. Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management solution for hotels. Unlike other options that provide a couple of reports and pretend to be labor management, our suite of labor management tools will quickly increase profit and reduce risk. We do this by working with you to develop the right labor standards, helping your managers schedule your employees to those standards, automating labor monitoring and identifying best practices across your portfolio. Hotel Effectiveness has helped more than 4,000 hotels across every major hotel brand achieve real results quickly. From smaller economy hotels to large convention hotels, our solution is fit for all types of properties. For more information on how Hotel Effectiveness can help your hotel, visit

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