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With over 150 years of experience, Forbo Flooring Systems is a trusted global supplier of high-quality floor coverings that include all-natural linoleum, cushioned luxury vinyl tiles, highly durable textile options, slip-resistant alternatives and entrance system products. Forbo is committed to environmentally responsible production, sustainable practices, and far-reaching customer service. Forbo’s portfolio of products combine design, function and durability, making it easy to choose the perfect flooring solutions for your establishment. Whether you want the natural look of wood and stone; a modern and elegant atmosphere; or create a custom design; Forbo Flooring Systems has a wide range of products to suit your needs. To learn more please visit

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Flotex is a modern high tech floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet …


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Baseboard Cove Base, Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Fitness Room Flooring, Floor Safety Treatments, Flooring, Flooring Decorative, Flooring Non Skid Coating, Logo Mats, Mats & Matting, Resilient Flooring, Spa & Fitness

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Randell Thrasher
Hospitality, Public Space and New Market Development

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Director of New Business Development