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Decorative lighting/creative design/quality construction to meet guest’s demands, designer’s aesthetics, the owner’s budget. We bring these 3 elements together in products created, effectively cost engineered, and produced by Elegant Lighting. Philadelphia based, internationally distributed, Elegant’s inventive strides in lighting, decorative mirror and accent furniture/vanity creation for over 20 years focused on design, quality and affordability. An industry leader in decorative lighting, mirrors and accent furniture stocked in the US for quick shipment to projects nationwide, we concentrates our creative design and engineering on custom built-to-order guestroom lights with quick response, quality construction, and excellent cost-engineering. The premier source for unique affordable lights to grace your project, from concept to completion focusing on quality and value. We involve our entire team on every step from proposals through design to completion and delivery to the site. Designers need the looks envisioned. Owners return on investment is crucial. We create those looks by building lights which provide the best value through our engineering and redesign. We meet the rigors of guests’ daily use, and satisfy budget needs to make projects viable. Elegant’s team supports your team as we continue to constantly move forward and evolve, and equally important, as we focus on meeting and exceeding your high expectations.

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Chandeliers, Decor & Decorations, FF&E Bathroom, LED Lighting, Lamps, Light Fixtures, Lighting, Lighting Custom, Lighting Outdoor, Mirrors, Mirrors Wall Mounted, Pendant Lighting, Sconces

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Sy Henenberg
National Hospitality Sales Manager

Elegant Lighting

500-550 East Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19134
United States

Phone: (215)423-8880