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Clean Water is the world’s most valuable resource, and growing demand for clean water is putting enormous pressure on the available supply. Water is integral to many of our customers’ key processes – such as cleaning and sanitizing, food processing, boiler and cooler water treatment, oil and gas extraction and processing, and pulp and paper processing. With a broad suite of technologies and expertise, we help our customers manage water through conservation, recycling and reuse. Safe from preventing cross-contamination at animal production and food processing facilities to providing hand hygiene programs for restaurant employees, we help our customers provide consumers with safe food and the confidence to eat and drink anything, anywhere. Abundant energy with innovative programs and technologies, we help energy companies extract more energy with fewer resources. And we help all of our customers use less energy and reduce their environmental footprints by identifying and treating process-related problems and providing them with products that minimize energy use. We provide the hospitality industry with comprehensive solutions that help improve guest safety. With programs and products that meet or exceed hospitality standards, we also help prevent the spread of infection in many other settings, such as schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and more.

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PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ecolab today announced that due to public health precautions limiting in-person gatherings …


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Allergenic Cleaners, Allergenic Cleaning Systems, Ambient Scenting, Amenities Bathroom, Barbecue Equipment, Bed Bug Detection & Remediation, Bird Deterrents, Carpet & Rug Cleaning Equipment, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Carts Bus & Room Service, Carts Housekeeping, Cleaners & Chemicals, Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning Products & Equipment, Containers, Cutlery, Cutting Boards, Deodorizers, Dishwashing Equipment, Dispensers Hand Sanitizer, Dispensers Soap, Drain Cleaning Equipment, Equipment Leasing & Financing, Exterminating Supplies, FF&E General, FF&E Kitchen, FF&E Laundry, FF&E Plumbing, Fan Coil Units, Fire & Safety, Fire Extinguishing Systems, First Aid Kit, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Flooring, Flooring Concrete Polishing, Flooring Non Skid Coating, Food Service, Food Storage Equipment, HACCP Control, Laundry Detergents, Laundry Equipment & Supplies, Liquid Hand Soap, Mats & Matting, Mildew Control Systems, Mold & Mildew Mitigation, OS&E, Odor Control Systems, Pest Control Services, Pressure Washers, Services, Slip Injury Prevention, Tabletop Accessories, Training Educational, Training Materials, Ultraviolet Sanitary Inspection & Disinfection, Waste Baskets & Receptacles, Water Filtration, Water Purification, Water Softening Filtration & Conditioning, Water Treatment Equipment

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