Submit Press Release

All press releases appear in Hotel Happenings. In addition you have the option to include your press release in up to two more locations.

Press Release (10 Pack)


Premium Company Portal Page

Get in front of over 100,000 decision-makers 24/7. Qualified prospective customers are driven to your target demographic Communities daily by multi-media rich content and engaging news.

Portal Page inclusions:

  • Find you from Home Page search: What are you looking for today?
  • Key members of your team with contact details-Up to 5 contacts
  • Company description
  • Product and service offering
  • Product/service images
  • Link to promotional videos on Vimeo and YouTube
  • Links to brochures, sample boards, white papers, etc.
  • Links to news and developments
  • Link to your website and social media pages

Premium Company Portal Page

  • Brand Watch
  • Management Company Alliance

Elite Marketing Package

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • All the above features of the Premium Company Portal Membership plus:
    • Find you from Home Page search: What are you looking for today?- appearing at the top of the list with a star
  • Limited to the first 100 Companies
  • Your Ad or video with a guaranteed first post position within one Community of your choice for one week. One per three-month period.
  • Your promotional video placed in multiple locations for your entire term including the Video Shorts page and in rotation in Multi-Media Channel and HCF Home Page
  • Your virtual event/webinar promoted on HCF Home Page, Events Calendar (top Nav of every page) with a detailed description, image, registration link, event count down, email teasers leading up to event sent to the entire audience, plus LinkedIn and Facebook promotions
  • Choice of one per three-month period:
    • Post a Poll or Survey on the Home Page sidebar and in Multi-Media Channel
    • Sponsor of one View From The Top interview
  • Unlimited press releases on HCF at no charge
    • Published in Home Page Hotel Happenings, plus 2 additional areas and distributed to the entire audience via daily e-News
    • Archived
    • Normally $175 per Press release posted
  • Featured Company in Community of Choice
    • Your logo with a link, prominently displayed on top of the Community Home page of choice

Video Advertising

Up to 30-second maximum promotional video will play in the sidebar for high visibility from the following areas:

  • Supplier Developments
  • Sidebar
  • Multi-Media Channel
  • Your choice of Community

Production is not included. Embedded media URL supported sources Vimeo/Youtube. 1080p .mp4


Webinar Advertising

Advertise your webinar in the following areas:

  • Homepage- Upcoming Events
  • Events Menu (top navigation on every page)
  • Calendar of Events
  • Designated Event Page with a detailed description, featured image, registration link, event count down, list of speakers and organizer contact details
  • Dedicated promotional emails to the entire HCF audience via daily e-News, plus LinkedIn and Facebook promotion
  • Multi-Media Channel
  • Your choice of Community

Main Page Prime Ad

Post a video or an ad with a guaranteed first post position in the home page stream for one week.


Featured Poll Or Survey

Looking for some quick market research? Your poll, or up to three-question survey, will be featured on HCF for one week in multiple locations. Upon conclusion, you will receive poll results inclusive of demographics.

Residing in the following areas:

  • Right Sidebar
  • Multi-Media Channel

Sponsored Threaded Discussion

Your company will lead threaded posts hosted by HCF where members can join the discussion.

  • Designated time and day
  • Promoted on HCF Daily Newsletter
  • Promoted on HCF Calendar of Events
  • Promoted on HCF Multi-Media channel

Hotels For Sale

Post your hotel for sale to be seen by the highest quality buyer prospects in the following.

  • Classifieds
  • Owner & Development Community

Job Posting

Residing in the following areas:

  • Jobs Section of the Classifieds
  • Career Corner

White Papers

  • Career Corner
  • Data & Research